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Monday, April 24, 2017

TM Speech #5: Magic and Madness

Can I get a thumbs-up, if you want to see some magic?

Alright let’s begin.

Here’s a classic trick of the appearing and disappearing coin. Okay to make it more effective you have to count with me 1, 2, 3.. then say the magic words “Abra Cadabra!”

You want to know how I did it? I need a volunteer.

Show the coin to the audience. Add a little bit of spirit fingers. The trick is to move the coin from left to right repeatedly until you get your momentum of overlapping your left hand to your right. And as you are doing that, slip on the coin between your index and middle finger, or whichever works best for you it can also be in between your middle and ring finger. Just make sure the coin will not drop during the release. Then open your seemingly empty hands for the people to see. Return to overlapping hands position and swiftly bring back the coin for them to see.

Madam President and fellow toasties, welcome my world of magic and madness.

Writer’s should also think of themselves as magicians. When you tell a story there should be the anticipation, the trick and the revelation.Let me share with you 5 tips in writing that might help you in preparing for your speeches.

1.    First one is Love – when you love you commit. When you don’t commit, you don’t love. No matter how difficult it maybe, when you love something you cling to it, you nurture it, you protect it. Same thing with writing, there may be times when you don’t know what else to do, what else to write but because you love it, you don’t give up. So much like unconditional love, it never stops.

2.    Second, Steal – I know it is not a positive word but it is exactly what I did today. As Picasso once said, good artists imitate, great artists steal. I got the idea for this speech from a children’s book author Russel Molina. Learn to steal from different sources and make it your own until it is no longer recognizable.

3.    Third, Play – Be creative. Don’t limit yourself to your usual style. Try different approaches in creating your story. If you’ve noticed I copied a little bit of Noel in the mix where I had a short intro and paused to say… Always be playful.

4.    Fouth, Tell – Tell don’t Sell! Telling a story should be personal. It is more like talking to a friend not an entire audience. In selling sometimes the tendency is to cater to everyone and you try to impress. But what makes an impact is the insight of the story. The one that makes a connection to a particular person. I remember when I talk about how valuable time is in my time management workshops, I’d always tell this story.
 1988 – the year when my aunt left for the US to work as a nurse, an OFW just like most of you who probably has one or 2 relatives working abroad. In fact I was just an infant when she left and when she came back I’m already in grade school. Same thing happened to my niece, first time she met her, she was already 3 years old. They only know each other through pictures and stories. And that’s how it is for more than 3 decades. That’s why in my aunt’s most recent homecoming, we prepared something really special. We made banners and bought flowers for her. A jeep-load of nieces and nephews awaited for her come back. I still remember our happy faces, warm hugs and boisterous laughter. We had such a wonderful time then. Little did we know, that it would be her last. That was the last time we saw her.   I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry. Just want to show how tip #4 is done. Tell don’t sell. Let your story come from the heart. 5.    Fifth, Believe. Believe that there is magic and madness within you. You can write. You can deliver all 10 speeches. You can do almost anything.

Let’s recap all 5 tips: Love, Steal, Play, Tell and Believe.
Good evening!